Kyle Pratt of Wall to Wall Diving

Kyle Pratt has always set his sights on jobs that don’t stick him behind a desk. A master yachtsman and dive instructor, he has spent most of his life either on or under the water. Not a bad way to spend your days if you think about it.

What’s Hot: Where were you born?

Kyle Pratt: Kempton Park, located north-east of Johannesburg in South Africa.

WH: How old were you when you learned to swim?

KP: About seven or eight years old.

WH: And when you started diving?

KP: I was 16 when I first put a tank on my back. My cousin was a dive instructor, so he basically threw me in the water [laughs].

WH: Where did you dive?

KP: Well we started in quarries; those are all that’s available in Joburg, and then did some diving off the east coast.

WH: What kind of wildlife would you see there?

KP: All the big stuff – turtles, sailfish, sharks…

WH: So how long was it before you took your next course?

KP: Actually it was about nine years. I had a coastal skipper qualification, so I worked on sailboats for three or four years, delivering new boats to owners from the factories. From there I worked in Angola as an expediting coordinator, ensuring that shipments arrived on time and in good order.

WH: When did you come to the Cayman Islands?

KP: I visited in 2011. My mother had moved here the year before, so I came out to see her for a month. I never left [laughs].

WH: So you took your other certifications here?

KP: Yes; I went all the way through to dive master at Sunset House, and then got my instructor certification there when a trainer came down to visit.

WH: When did you finish your instructor course?

KP: April 2012. I joined Wall to Wall Diving straight afterwards; Giles [Charlton-Jones] offered me a job on the spot so I snatched it.

WH: How do you like being an instructor?

KP: Well I’m not sitting behind a desk, I’m enjoying the outdoors, and I’m meeting new people. It’s not bad! [Laughs]

WH: What makes Wall to Wall Diving so great?

KP: It’s a much more personalized operation. We’re not herding people onto the boats; it’s much more one-to-one attention.

WH: Do you think you’ll stick with diving in the future?

KP: I am in no rush to go anywhere else right now.


Kyle Pratt of Wall to Wall Diving