Cayfest 2014: Arts extravaganza!

Mingling with each other, local artists can find inspiration and collaboration with fellow thespians, craftsmen, musicians, dancers and anyone involved in the arts.

The Festival includes highlights such as films from the ever-popular Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase, Café Cayman, traditional music from the Cayman Islands Folk Singers and the work of countless other local artists and arts organisations.

National Arts & Culture Awards
Thursday, Feb. 27

The National Arts and Culture Awards ceremony is the first event of Cayfest and is an opportunity for the people of the Cayman Islands to recognise those who attain a level of merit in their artistic discipline, contribute to the arts, culture and heritage of the Cayman Islands, and support the work of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.
Past recipients of these awards include Consuelo Ebanks, Aunt Julia Hydes, Radley Gourzong and Luelan Bodden.
The dinner will be held at Papagallos Restaurant.

Dress for Culture Day
Friday, Feb. 28

The Cayman Islands are now home to many different cultures and people from all over the globe and “Dress for Culture Day” is an opportunity for everyone around the islands to show their pride in their homeland.
This event raises funds that will go directly towards the cultural foundation’s youth and cultural programming. Organizations that would like to take part in this year’s Dress for Culture Day can make a donation and encourage their staff to dress up in their country’s colours or national dress.
“We must realise that we are more alike than different in our various cultural expressions,” says Lorna Bush of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, “and by working together we can have a more significant impact on our development as human beings. Setting aside one day specifically to showcase our national dress, food or other memorabilia is a good start to the weaving of our cultural tapestry.”

Red Sky at Night
Saturday, March 1

The Red Sky at Night festival is unlike anything else seen in Cayman. Delicately tucked in the midst of colour-saturated trees and shining lakes, the F.J. Harquail Cultural Centre will be transformed for this truly magical night, steeped in arts and culture.
Visitors can wander as they like through the gardens, experiencing an eclectic mix of the arts in every form. From live performers such as dancers, actors and storytellers to creative work by local visual artists and craftspeople, the grounds of the Harquail Centre offer it all.
Step inside the Harquail Theatre and see celebrated films and amazing performances from around the Caribbean. As if seduced by the music of the Pied Piper himself, visitors will be led from marvel to marvel by the sounds of the steel pan, fiddle and drums and lured by a mouthwatering array of local culinary delicacies.
Come to the Red Sky at Night festival to experience all the reasons we love arts and culture in the Cayman Islands. The evening runs from 4 p.m. to midnight.

To nominate someone for an award, join in Dress for Culture Day, or get more information about Red Sky at Night or any Cayfest events, contact the cultural foundation at [email protected] or call 949-5477.