Craft Food & Beverage Co.: The art of food and drink

If you’ve not yet visited Craft Food & Beverage Co., you need to stop by Marquee Place on the Seven Mile strip and give it a try.

The old Triple Crown space has been completely revamped and features comfy furniture, cozy lighting and a menu with a variety of dishes, including a burger that is worth every penny of its price.

Craft opened in late December 2013, and already people are beating a path to its door to sample its cuisine and decadent drinks. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, with bartenders and servers that keep you coming back.

General manager and co-owner of Craft, Jason Moir, has spent many years in the service industry, both in Canada and the Cayman Islands. He knows that when any business offers quality products at good prices, customers will always follow; that’s why Craft stocks Cayman Islands Brewery draft beers.

White Tip, Ironshore Bock, Caybrew and CayLight are four of the distinctly different brews to be found on tap at Craft. They range from the premium light, lower-calorie CayLight to the robust, amber Ironshore Bock, and the moderate-bodied White Tip pilsner lager.

The particularly interesting news is that Craft is the only bar on the island with limited edition Pirates Gold and Twisted Citrus available as draft beers.
Pirates Gold was introduced to the world by the brewery a couple of years ago, and it is usually only available for a few months around Pirates Week. Now is the time for you to head to Craft and enjoy it before it’s all gone.

Twisted Citrus is a fruity beer perfect for the warm Caribbean temperatures. It’s a craft brew, and so it is the perfect addition to Craft Food & Beverage Co.

“We are the only bar on the island to offer all six of the Cayman Islands Brewery’s draft beers,” says Moir. “They are a great fit for our place, considering our name and concept.”

“We are looking forward to carrying further products of theirs in the future,” he concludes.

So head to Craft this evening or weekend, and sample their wares. From terrific food to great beers and more, they’ve got it all on tap.