Jade Gordon at Osetra Bay

A La Rum 

Osetra Bay is a decadent dining experience, located on the coast of West Bay. A stunning restaurant with al fresco seating swathed in white fabrics and soft lighting, it offers exceptional service, wonderful food, and cocktails that are works of art.

Jade Gordon is the resident mixologist at Osetra Bay, and hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. Her cheery personality, coupled with years of experience, makes her an excellent fit behind the well stocked bar where people often gather for beverages and conversation before and after their dinner, or just to relax après office.

Jade studied marketing management in university, but has been working in the service industry since she was 16 years old. It all began in a pizza joint, but when she turned 18, she got a job as a bartender at the ESP Club in Johannesburg, where she worked for a number of years.

She then went on to work at Sudada, an upscale lounge also in her hometown. It was that experience that was particularly relevant when she applied for, and got the position at Osetra Bay.

Jade moved to the Cayman Islands in September 2013 on the recommendation of a friend. She sold everything she had, and made her way to the Caribbean. It clearly ended up being a good decision, as she was hired in December, and has been working at Osetra Bay ever since.

She really enjoys being at the beautiful restaurant and bar, as a fine-dining establishment allows her to take her time creating drinks, and offer more personalized service to her clients. The cocktail menu is pretty impressive, including a drink that uses candy floss to make a statement. Anyone who appreciates an extraordinary cocktail needs to stop by and sample the wares.

Jade loves being a mixologist, as it is the perfect job for her social, outgoing personality. To see why she loves Osetra Bay, you need to make a reservation and spend the evening there. The food, the atmosphere, the service and the drinks will simply take your breath away.