ENERGY Essential Fitness

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If you are looking to get fit this summer and need a little motivation, look no further than ENERGY Essential Fitness, which offers powerful, personal fitness solutions as well as a wide range of group fitness classes, including Pilates Matwork, TRX Suspension Training, Zenga Stretch, Group Reformer, and their newest and most popular classes, Total Barre.

“All of our training experiences are based on the foundations of ‘Pilates-infused fitness,’ developing balanced strength and flexibility and improving activities of daily living with functional fitness training techniques.  We work with a wide range of fitness populations including pre- and post-natal, athletes, children and teens, and those with general strength training and weight loss goals,” says ENERGY owner and fitness instructor, Colleen Brummer.

Total Barre is a high-energy and dynamic group class that infuses elements of Pilates, ballet-inspired dance movements, cardio and strength training and yoga all in one, and targets and sculpts muscles for a perfect, toned physique.

“Total Barre has quickly become one of our most popular classes, designed to achieve a dancer’s body – strong, sleek and streamlined,” she says, adding,

“Our participants are constantly amazed at how their own body weight can create such a powerful workout – especially the amazing toning work for their legs and glutes! The best part is that Total Barre is a class concept created by the developers of STOTT Pilates so you will always find movements that challenge core stability and balance.”

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