Lazy days of summer

Don’t you sometimes wish you were still in school? When July and August were months to be savored, and you could look forward to every day, knowing you didn’t have to do anything but enjoy the sunshine?

Summer is still like that for everyone when they live in the Cayman Islands, whether they’re young or old. There are wonderful places to explore, both under the waves and on the land, and they’re all on your back doorstep.


Stingray City may appear to be a tourist-only stop, but it really isn’t. The magic of it doesn’t dwindle over time – it is as amazing on the 20th visit as it is on the first. The clarity of the water, the smooth sand beneath your feet, and those amazing underwater creatures never fail to amaze.

If you take a drive around Grand Cayman, you’ll see beautiful coastline, indigenous wildlife, and historical landmarks to stir the imagination.

Take a trip through the districts, and reacquaint yourself with many interesting points along the way. In West Bay, you’ll find Morgan’s Harbour, the Cayman Motor Museum, and Boatswain’s Beach.

George Town, otherwise known as Hog Sty Bay back in the day, is home to the National Museum, Heroes Square and picturesque Harbour Drive with its view of the bay. Make a stop for lunch at Breezes By The Bay or Guy Harvey’s where you can take a seat on the second floor to really appreciate the vista.


As you drive along the coast towards the east, you’ll pass through the quiet district of Savannah, where the Agricultural Grounds host the Farmer’s Market every Saturday; Bodden Town, the first capital of Grand Cayman with its cannons on display; and then on through Breakers to beautiful East End and North Side.

Of course there’s no need to tie yourself to the land. There are boat tours aplenty, or you can just grab your snorkel gear and swim off the coast to nearby reefs. Or take to the air with Cayman Airways, and visit the beautiful Sister Islands: Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

If you don’t live on the beach, now’s the time to take advantage of some brilliant local staycation rates at popular resorts from Seven Mile Beach to East End. You can also enjoy many resident specials with highly-rated tour companies, so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Take a look through the following special section, and make a note of the deals to be had. You’ll also find some great suggestions to make the most out of your summer staycation in the Cayman Islands.