Quick make-up and hair tips from Spa-to-Go

  1. Natural looking skin, nicely groomed brows and lovely lashes create a great base for terrific make-up.
  2. Wear something white when you’re trying out make-up applications so that you can see if the make-up works against a pale colour, and take a picture of yourself in daylight before you commit to anything.
  3. Use individual lashes rather than full strips to enhance your natural lashes. It gives them a much more feathery, fluttery look.
  4. Don’t get your hair cut just before the wedding. This is not the time to try out something new.
  5. Enhance your unique beauty. Take your own, gorgeous, natural look, then glam it up a notch for your wedding day. Be yourself at your best.

Spa-to-Go is located at The Shoppes at Grand Harbour. See spatogo.ky for more information and appointments.  



Photos: Rebecca Davidson