Stephanie Ford – Makeup

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Kelsey’s skin was prepped with an oil-free foundation primer, then Stephanie used two shades of foundation for contouring and highlights.
Creamy concealer was set with translucent powder, followed by a shimmer highlight on the high planes of the face to reflect the light.
A grey undertone contour powder added depth to the hollows of the cheeks, and the cheeks were swept with a rose colored blush.

“I groomed the brows with clear brow gel, then filled them in slightly with a dark brown brow powder.”  
The eyes were prepped with a shimmer primer, set with a nude colored shadow, lined with a black eye kohl and smudged.
“I swept a shimmer shadow over the lid,” says Stephanie. “I then applied a matte brown shadow in the crease using a blending brush, highlighting the brow bone with a shimmer shadow.”
A wispy pair of false lashes was applied to add drama.

Concealer was used over the lips, and then they were finished with a nude colored lipstick.

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