Royal Palms: Golden sands and golden brews

Many of us who grew up in the Cayman Islands remember the brilliant
beach bars that existed all along the Seven Mile strip. Holiday Inn,
Beach Club and … Royal Palms. Thankfully Royal Palms still stands, and
continues to be a thriving business after many, many years.

Stopping by
there for a cold drink after work is a daily ritual that never gets old,
and may we recommend you choose a draft Cayman Islands Brewery product
to really experience island  life at its finest?

Royal Palms’ main beach bar is huge, with a large deck stretching out to the sand. When you pull up a chair, you’ll see a host of brewery choices on the taps: Caybrew, Mango Tango, White Tip and Ironshore Bock. The different flavors appeal to different palates. You’ve got your classic Caybrew, or perhaps you prefer a bit of White Tip on the tip of your tongue?

Ironshore Bock is an amber beer made with specialty hops, giving it its crisp aftertaste, so maybe that one will take your fancy if you’re in the mood.

We love the idea of some Mango Tango in our tank; after all, what else would one drink when one is in the Caribbean? This limited edition craft beer is definitely fruity and absolutely refreshing on a hot day.

Many of the Royal Palms’ bartenders have been working there for years, so don’t be surprised if you see the smiling faces of Sylvie and Lachlan on a regular basis. That’s one of the great things about this place – familiar staff members and a friendly atmosphere. It’s one of those bars where you can just hang out on your own but you’ll never feel alone.

Beyond serving up great locally brewed beers, Royal Palms is one of the hottest spots on the island when the sun goes down. DJs and live bands feature regularly on the weekly schedule, along with drink specials and special events. Watch the sunset or take a dip in the pool while listening to tunes wafting over the water.

Brewery beers on tap and toes in the sand. Royal Palms is where it’s at!