Be my Valentine: Date ideas for the big night

Although Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14, by the way), is something you should plan well in advance to avoid ending up yelling over a two-top table in a restaurant kitchen, it’s amazing how quickly it can creep up on you. Suddenly it’s Feb. 13, and you’re calling around in a panic, trying to get a reservation.

Restaurants book up weeks before the big night, so if you’ve left it too late, and don’t want the 5:30 p.m. blue plate special seating time, or your appetizers at midnight, you may have to think of a unique, fun alternative to get the romance without the heartburn.

An evening on the beach

What could be more romantic than two people, sitting side-by-side, watching the sunset, with a cold beverage in their hands? There are lots of spots along Seven Mile Beach to choose from, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to take a dip afterwards.

Just make sure that both of you are comfortable with swimming in the evening. The sky is going to be pretty dark, save the stars, on Feb. 14, 2015, and it could all go pear-shaped if he starts screaming that something unknown is brushing against his leg.


Bar hopping

Yup, there’s no finer way to celebrate, than by strolling from bar to bar, enjoying some drinks with your significant other. Best to avoid the bars that are attached to large restaurants, otherwise you might be waiting for some time.

Camana Bay. is a great choice. One stop, multiple shops. You can sit outdoors and let the breeze embrace you, or sit in air-conditioned comfort.

Start at the West Indies Wine Company, then maybe head to Ortanique, Abacus, Karoo, Mizu and Waterfront. Just make sure you’ve had something to eat before you leave the house, and if you overindulge, call a taxi.

It’s amazing how a night in the central police lockup can ruin a date.

Learning a new skill together

Sure, Valentine’s Day always implies a night out, but as Feb. 14 is a Saturday this year, most people will have the whole day off to reconnect. Why not book a lesson together for something fun, like kitesurfing, or Stand Up Paddle-boarding? Surely seeing the one you love losing their balance and splashing into the water will only bring you closer together?

If you’re both outdoorsy types, this could be the perfect date choice. You’ll have fun, you’ll get a better rate, as you’re two people being taught at once instead of just one, and maybe you’ll discover a sport that you can get into for the long term.

Movie night 


Get thee to the Regal Cinema at Camana Bay to see a film, where you can put away your iPads, iPhones, and whatever other technology you’ve usually got stapled to yourself, and just relax.
There’s bound to be something on that will appeal to both of you, and with a shared bucket of popcorn and drink betwixt you, the night is complete.

Even if you can’t make it out for whatever reason, see what’s on TV, or rent a movie on your Apple TV. Don’t have an Apple TV? Get out and buy one now! You don’t know what you’re missing.
Love can be fleeting, but movies last a lifetime.

Happy Valentine’s Day!