Blooming wonderful flowers

Everything’s coming up roses (and lilies, and orchids…)

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Flowers at a wedding don’t just add color and beauty – they add that fresh, perfumed scent from nature that will enhance any ceremony or reception.

Of course, being in the Caribbean, you have the choice of many local flowers, but if your tastes run more to the exotic, never fear – the florists in Cayman can import blooms from all over the world. From lilies to roses of every shade and orchids aplenty, they have connections to countries in the far reaches of the globe.

Celebrations Ltd., for example, has a full floral operation located in Camana Bay, where couples can sit down with a professional floral designer for guidance.

The designer can advise them on color schemes, arrangements, and everything from the bride’s bouquet to flowers for the bridesmaids, the pergola that they may choose for their vows, the chairs where the guests sit, and finally, to decorate the tables at the reception.

So what are the hottest trends at the moment for wedding flowers?


Well, romantic luxe is a top favorite, as in “high flower content.” Exposed stems are apparently SO last season, and brides are going all out on their flowers.

The wild garden look is also in, where brides carry flowers that look as though they’ve been freshly picked from an English garden. This gives them endless options to mix a variety of flowers that perhaps you wouldn’t normally find together.

Another trend that has become very popular with brides, is the idea of wearing flowers in their hair. A crowning glory of beautifully woven blooms can really make an impact, lifting any lady from girl to goddess with ease.

For those who eschew the wild look, they’ll be happy to know that clean and classic is also very in, along with pretty pastels. After all, we are entering the spring.


Vases of flowers at the ceremony, on the reception tables, and adorning archways are always in style, but one of the hottest arrangements and looks this season is hanging flowers. Blooms cascade from flower boxes, hang from trees, or fall from bushes, creating an ethereal atmosphere that will truly blossom when seen through the camera lens. It’s a wonderful way to transform a venue.

Favorite bouquet flowers.   

The bouquet that the bride holds as she walks up the aisle is arguably the most important bunch of flowers to be seen at a wedding. They should compliment her dress, her style and reflect her personality.