Cayman Vapor Company: For all your vaping needs

When e-cigarettes first hit the market, perhaps only smokers desperate to quit a bad habit paid attention. In the last year, however, these vapor-producing elegant devices have been showing up everywhere, and not just in the hands of ex-smokers.

Deemed far more acceptable in public places than the “cancer sticks” of this world, vaping paraphernalia is now seen in cinemas, clubs and in vaping lounges. 

The Cayman Vapor Company, located in Galleria Plaza, is bringing the popular vaping culture to the Cayman Islands, offering a social hangout for those who indulge, and a cornucopia of retail options.


The store stocks premium e-liquids and e-cigarette devices with a one-of-a-kind juice tasting bar and lounge. Smokers looking to drop cigarettes from their lives can purchase e-juices with up to 18mg of nicotine, slowly lowering their dosage as they wean themselves off their addiction. On the other hand, those who just like being vapers for the fun of it can choose from a large range of fruity and fabulous 0mg flavors.


Some of the brands that the company will be stocking are: Cosmic Fog Vapors, Axiom, Breakfast at Teleo’s, Natur Vapor Liquid, Vapor Technologies Austin (VTA) and Nick’s Blissful Brews.

When it comes to vaping kits, you want to make sure you’re sticking the best in your mouth; that’s why Cayman Vapor Company sells Aspire products, currently the top brand in the industry. You’ll find everything here that you need to get vaping, with complete kits that come with a battery, tank, charger and coils.


More advanced vapers like to use variations of mods (batteries that can be modified) and higher wattage batteries for their tanks, therefore the store will be carrying various brands of mods including Sigelei 150W Mods, Pioneer IPV’s, and the eLeaf iSticks which come in two wattages: 30 and 50.


Tanks (the part of your e-cigarette where the liquid is held) also come in different variations.  The bigger the tank, the more cloud and taste you get. Aspire and Joyetech are the two top tank brands, with Aspire offering beginner to advanced tanks, and Joyetech solely concentrating on advanced tanks for the everyday vaper.


Coils are located inside the tank, and when heated, create the vapor. The lines of coils stocked by Cayman Vapor Company will also be made by Aspire and Joyetech.

Try before you buy

One of the great features of the company’s store is its display of kits and juices that can all be tried by customers with no obligation to buy. Try before you buy! Of course disposable tips are on hand for sampling, and staff members are always available to answer any questions. 


In addition to all of the above, they will be carrying custom-build accessories including coil jigs, wire, cotton, chargers for batteries, and “Monkey O’s,” which create those vapor-filled bubbles.

Cayman Vapor Company is located in Galleria Plaza behind Sports Supply, and is open from 10 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday.

See caymanvaporcompany.comfor more information.