Rundown: A lighthearted look at local life

A good Rundown, or stew, has a little bit of everything in it. Like its namesake, the Rundown production is a smorgasbord of nationalities, headlines, catchy tunes and hot topics that have kept Cayman’s audiences coming back for second and third helpings over the past 23 years.

The show was created by singer/ songwriter, author and former CNCF Chairman, Dave Martins, who wrote every show until 2008. The first show was staged at the Harquail Theatre in 1991 and has returned each year without pause.

Even after the Harquail Theatre was badly damaged in Hurricane Ivan, Rundown was presented at The Cayman Prep School auditorium and at Mary Miller Hall. After that, it returned home to the Harquail stage. 

Over the decades, Rundown has been one of the most popular stage productions in the Cayman Islands. In every pot, there’s a serving for everyone – politicians, media, the man on the street, expatriates and even our (in)famous chickens and “greenies.”

Rundown is not to be missed, especially if you are new to Cayman and really want to embrace the multicultural society that is Cayman. The show is written, designed and directed by Henry Muttoo and features a star studded cast of local actors and musicians.

Rundown will be running on the following dates: 

  • Thursday, May 7
  • Fridays, May 8, 15 and 29
  • Saturdays, May 9, 16 and 30
  • Sundays, May 10, 17 and 31


  • Thursday – Saturday 8pm
  • Sunday 6pm

Tickets are $25 Adults, $15 Youth/Senior
On sale at Funky Tangs, Foster’s Supermarkets, CNCF Offices (Mon-Fri)

Interview with director Henry Muttoo

Can you tell us a little about the show this year?
We keep the same format because the show is now firmly established as Cayman’s major annual theater production. People are now speaking of the show and looking forward to it like they look forward to Christmas. Only two actors this year are absolute newcomers, while the others are established Rundown veterans like Leroy Holness, Matt Brown, Giselle Webb and Priscilla Pouchie. Some have done several shows but took a break and are returning this time.

When the cast is still laughing after three weeks of rehearsals, you know you have something very good.

Are there are surprises this year?
Definitely! What would Rundown be without surprises? I know you are angling for me to reveal something but you will have to see the show.

Any new material or characters?
All of the material is new. What we have is returning characters. People like to follow the life and the development of a particular character and to see if there is a thread to follow from last year’s show. For example, Hung Lo, the Chinese character who was introduced last year has remained in Cayman and is not a part of the yard. As usual, he is hilarious. He still cannot get his tongue around his “r”s so he annoys the Rundown regulars by calling Caymanians, “Clayman Iranders.”

What actors will be in the ensemble?
Apart from those mentioned above, Jevaughnie Ebanks, Evana Martines, Josepha Martinez, Juliet Garricks, Philipp Richter, George Jones, Kerith McCoy, Rachel Gepolla and Monyque Brooks.

Will there be any new faces?
Monique, Rachel, George, Kerith and Philipp.

Anyone in particular to look out for?
Definitely. Look out for everyone.