Explore Davinoff’s concrete park

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38. Explore Davinoff’s concrete park
If you’re heading to North Side, take a side trip to the concrete sculpture park where you will discover such creatures as a giant blue iguana, crocodile, scorpion, land crab and even a concrete chicken named Edna. The park is located on Old Robin Road (which turns into the Queen’s Highway). It’s good for a rest stop and photographs.

39.  Dolphin Discovery 

The Dolphin Discovery park has a unique feature that will enchant young and old: the Dolphin Trek experience. You just put on a helmet, get down into the water, and suddenly you’re interacting with the dolphins under the waves! No diving lessons, no training classes, no previous experience required. The helmet is completely clear, giving you a full viewing window of your surroundings, with a tube to the surface allowing you to breathe normally. This summer, enjoy 25 percent off any program.

40.  Explore the Gore Bird Sanctuary 

Observe some of Cayman’s fine-feathered friends at the Governor Michael Gore Bird Sanctuary – known locally as Governor’s Pond. It’s located in Spotts Newlands, right before Bodden Town. Some 60 species of land and water birds have been observed here, with a wooden boardwalk that leads to an observation blind. The sanctuary is named after Michael Gore in recognition of his conservation efforts during his tenure as governor from 1992 to 1995.

41.  Bring a dog to the beach 

We’re in the dog days of summer so it’s a perfect time to pair up with a pooch from the Humane Society. Every Sunday, professional dog trainer Kenneth Morgan leads a group of volunteers in teaching shelter dogs some basic manners. The idea is that well-behaved pooches will be more adoptable. It’s also great for socialization and enjoying some time in the sea and sand. The training takes place from 11 a.m. to noon at Public Beach next to Calico Jack’s.