LIME kicked off their 2015 summer promotion on July 3 with a free data weekend for prepaid customers, along with a $29 smartphone deal. Talk about starting the summer with a bang!

Being connected is now affordable for everyone. This is the first time that a telecoms provider has ever offered this sort of promotion, not just in the Cayman Islands, but in the LIME Caribbean. This is part of a series of promotions around data for customers that LIME will be rolling out throughout the summer.

Why use data?
Connecting with others has moved far beyond simple phone calls. Sharing through social media, photos, video and video chatting is the standard for communication these days, and you don’t have to be a teen to understand or use it.

Beyond staying in touch with the ones you love and keeping up with events and get-togethers, you can also take advantage of a huge array of apps that will entertain you and enhance your life. From interactive and educational apps for children, to games, ebooks and music for teens and adults, along with downloadable films, there is no limit to what you can discover through your data-capable device.
LIME wants to show you the world you’re missing, with fantastic deals on smart devices and data plans.

Summer deals
Postpaid customers looking to upgrade or just get in the game can own a Samsung S6 or an iPhone 6 from only $24.99 a month! Add to that the three-month free data package from LIME, and you have a truly fabulous offer.  Plus you get Deezer Premium and MyCloud Storage absolutely free for the duration of the contract!

What is Deezer? Deezer is access to a world of music in the palm of your hand. Download Deezer now to suddenly have over 35 million songs at your fingertips, with lots of Caribbean tracks to choose from. Whether you’re a soca or reggae fan, reggaeton, Spanish music and of course the Cayman Islands’ favorite – Country and Western – Deezer has it all and more.

Deezer is absolutely free to download and is available in either the App Store or Android store. You can upgrade to premium service with LIME by adding it to your postpaid account for only $5.80 a month. It’s like the Netflix of music! 

The premium service means you don’t see any of those annoying ads when you are using Deezer and it also means you can listen offline to all your favorite music and playlists that you have created. It’s your own personal jukebox in your pocket.

Mobile packages
It’s important that you sign up for the right mobile package that provides enough data for what you want to do, plus a little bit more. This is called a ‘data plan’ or ‘bundle.’ There are so many ways you can track how much data you’re using.

Check out your app store for data management apps that let you input the amount of data you have in your plan and the app will monitor your usage to ensure you don’t go over your plan. What a great tool!

Stop by LIME today and see how you can get a state-of-the-art smartphone and data plan for an amazing price. Summer is so much better with LIME in your pocket!