Take to the sky with DiscoveReef

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27.  Take to the sky with DiscoveReef
DiscoveReef can take earthbound humans and make them soar like Iron Man, with two new exciting adventures in one! Take a seat on the FlyBike X1 and after only five minutes of instruction, you’ll be riding into the sky, above the waves, on a hydro-powered jet bike. Once you’ve had a taste of flight, it’s time to move on to the Jet Boots (yep, that’s right – Jet Boots!) and fulfill all your dreams of feeling like a superhero. You can try both within an hour, and we predict that you’ll be addicted and going back for more.

28.  Take the Flavour Tour
Every Wednesday, something wonderful happens at the West Indies Wine Company. It’s where culinary explorers meet up for the Flavour Tour through Camana Bay. With a number of excellent restaurants in a conveniently small area, Camana Bay allows the group to easily move from place to place, sampling delectable dishes and indulging in excellent cocktails. Sign up at the West Indies Wine Company and begin the journey.

29.  Perfect the art of making a great drink 

Mixing a rum and coke, or a gin and tonic is pretty easy, but these days the world of mixology has emerged and expanded to include freshly squeezed juices, infusions and homemade syrups as well as specialized ice cubes fer cryin’ out loud! Take the time this summer to learn and perfect a few key drink recipes, and don’t skimp on the ingredients. Any mixologist worth their salt will tell you that top-shelf liquor and liqueur along with fresh mixers are the only way to go.

30. Jet ski safari
If you don’t own your own jet ski, you’ve probably rented one a few times and run up and down parallel to Seven Mile Beach, within the markers. But did you know that several companies offer jet ski safaris that take you on snorkeling tours or to Stingray City? You may think, as a local, that you’re not that interested, but actually it’s a completely different way to explore the sea. It’s even better if you go in a group, or have visitors you can bring along for the day.

31. Vintage salon 

Are you tired of your hairstyle or just want to get some advice from the experts? You need to head to newly opened Vintage in Seven Mile Shops, where Sean Power and his team can customize your design to suit your look and your lifestyle. From just a cut or a curl to a full-on updated do with dazzling color, shine and shimmer, Vintage can make you feel like a million bucks this summer and get you ready for the holiday season ahead.