Walk in circles

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10.  Walk in circles
Did you know that we have a labyrinth here in Grand Cayman? Walk the outdoor labyrinth at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. Located in the gallery gardens, it’s great for relaxation and meditation and as a useful tool for self-discovery and creativity. While you’re there, take a look at the sculptures in the outdoor exhibit, and maybe even take a peek inside.

11.  Explore your inner artist at the National Gallery
Have you always wanted to just take a blank canvas and let your imagination spill out in brilliant color? If you don’t have the space at home, or you’re worried about your walls and floor resembling a Pollock work by the time you’ve flicked your brush a few hundred times, why not call the National Gallery? You can rent space in an open studio and immerse yourself in the colorful world of art. It’s inexpensive, therapeutic and fun!

12.  Upgrade to a Samsung S6 from LIME this summer

Maybe it’s time you upgraded your phone, and there’s no better time than summertime for LIME! For only $24.99 per month, you can get a Samsung S6 smartphone and Deezer Premium included absolutely free. Enjoy unlimited music to accompany your summer vacation, whether you’re hanging out at the beach, driving with the top down, or getting together with friends. LIME has its finger on the pulse of summer.

13.  Book some flying lessons
Did you know that it’s possible to take flying lessons right here in Grand Cayman? The Cayman Flying Club will take you from the ground to the air for either just a taster, or all the way to your license. If you’ve never flown a plane before, then their “Introductory Flight” is the perfect chance to see if a full course is for you. It’s a fantastic experience that has to be tried at least once.

14.  Visit the Sister Islands
It’s amazing how many people still have yet to visit one or both of the Sister Islands. Cayman Brac is unique in its topography, with a craggy bluff rising up to a peak of 140 feet at the eastern end, which is also home to myriad caves. Little Cayman is quiet and idyllic with pristine beaches and the world-famous Bloody Bay Wall just off the coast. Both islands are just a short flight from Grand Cayman and are completely different, which is why they are definitely worth a visit.

15.  Start fishin’! 

Book a half-day or full-day fishing trip with one of the professional operations running in the Cayman Islands. For example, Captain Asley’s Watersports offers reef and deep sea fishing, all from the comfort of a squeaky clean, very well equipped vessel. The crew will do all the dirty work, so you can just sit back and sip on a cold one until the line goes taut. Then it’s time for action! Reel it in, and it’s fresh fish for dinner! Please make sure you book with a reputable company that supports the catch-and-release initiative.

16.  Save with Red Sail Sports 

Red Sail Sports knows what 50 fun things is all about, as they are offering 50% off all watersports for residents, as well as visiting friends and family this summer! Having visitors is wonderful, but it can really stretch your budget. Red Sail Sports makes it easy for you to treat your loved ones without breaking the bank.



14. Visit the Sister Islands