Gun Bay Carp Bar Hangin’ out at Treasure Island

Who’s hasn’t hung out at Treasure Island at some point in their lives?

The TI Lobby Bar was one of THE places to go after Hurricane Ivan, and it’s certainly party central for special dates like Halloween. That Monster Bash seems to get bigger and bigger every year!

The bar is now officially known as the Gun Bay Carp Bar, but no matter what the name, the game remains the same – to entertain and bring together old friends and new. On any given evening you’ll find patrons chatting over an ice cold glass of Cayman Islands Brewery beer. The Carp Bar has Caybrew, Ironshore Bock and White Tip on tap, so fans of the locally produced brews have a choice, depending on their taste preferences.

Odds are good that when you pull up a seat, you’ll be greeted with a welcoming smile from Chris Carpenter. This cheery chap was born to be in a social job such as this, enabling him to interact with a wide range of customers from residents of the island and hotel, to visitors from countries all over the world.

The Treasure Island lobby is unique, in that it is huge and open air. You can sit at the bar with a view of the foliage leading to the swimming pool, or grab a beer and sit in a comfy chair at one of the many tables placed throughout the space.

The Gun Bay Carp Bar is open seven days a week, starting at 5 p.m., with a great happy hour deal of 20oz Caybrew draft beers for only $5 from 5 to 7 p.m. That means you can enjoy more of your favorite beer for less!

This is also a top spot for watching sports. From football to hockey, people come from miles around to cheer on their teams on the big screen.

Stop by the Carp Bar this evening and say “Hi” to Chris Carpenter. Hmmm … “Carp Bar” and “Carpenter.” Coincidence?