Spa specials: Relax for less

 Main Story: September summer specials 

September is typically the month when spas around the Cayman Islands offer some very tempting special prices. It’s also an excellent time to try out some new treatments, and get your skin ready to glow for gala season.

The la prairie spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Hibiscus Spa at The Westin, La Mer Spa at the Marriott, Da Vinci Centre on the Seven Mile Strip and Touch of Thai are all offering September discounts. You just have to call and book to reap the benefits.

Here are just some examples of the spa treatments available on the island to smooth your skin and soothe your spirit.


There are many different types of massage to be had at spas. Sure, you’ve got your Swedish massage, but then there’s deep tissue for those really tight muscles and aromatherapy in different scents to invigorate or relax you.

Something you should try at least once is the hot stone massage. Just as it sounds, the therapist takes hot stones and oil to work out all the kinks in your body until you feel liquid and soooo stress-free.


Although facials are very beneficial for the skin, they are also relaxing treatments, as your face is gently massaged with wonderful smelling creams and cleansers.
The hot sun of the Caribbean can prematurely age and dry out your skin. Having a facial will moisturize it and help reduce fine lines.
Your therapist can recommend the best facial for your type of skin, and advise you on what products to use when at home.


Showering alone will not remove dead skin cells, so even though you may be clean as a whistle, your skin can feel rough and look dull.
Mineral body scrubs are a fantastic way to revitalize you from top to toe. You won’t believe how fantastic you feel afterwards; you’ll really be able to tell the difference.

Manicures and pedicures 

When we speak, we use our hands to express ourselves, and meetings or interviews always begin with a handshake. Apart from your face, your hands are one of your most memorable features, so don’t you want them to look their best?

A manicure isn’t just about your nails, and isn’t just for women. Men understand how important it is for their hands to look well manicured, particularly those men in the corporate world.

As far as pedicures are concerned, not only do we tend to wear more open toed shoes and flip-flops in the Cayman Islands, but at the end of a big night, we might be inclined to kick our shoes off. For beautiful tootsies, a pedicure is a must. You can go simple or really luxuriate in a hot stone pedicure with gel polish.