Cayman Vapor Company: ‘Vapecation’ in paradise

Tired of copping flack from family and friends? Fed up of the tight chest and the fortune you’re literally blowing up in smoke? Perhaps it’s time to ditch regular cigarettes and try vaping: using e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

Vaping lets you decide when and how to reduce your nicotine dependency, allowing you to regain control of your life. Whether used recreationally or as part of a dedicated smoking cessation regime, more people are wising up to the relative health benefits of personal vaporizers (PVs).

As an alternative to regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes contain zero tobacco. In fact e-cigarettes have few of the 7,000 chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

The Cayman Vapor Company’s “vapologists” have all taken the journey and have the experience and products to guide you to a smoke-free life. As the best source locally for electronic cigarettes and vapor liquid, Cayman Vapor Company takes a lot of beating.

Two locations

Since opening their first premises in May at the Galleria Plaza, the demand of quality e-products has led them to set up another store in the Caymania Building (opposite the main post office in George Town), so it’s never been easier to get the vaping merchandise you need.

According to Deana Kapiskosky, senior sales representative, both locations stock a comprehensive range of accessories and devices to suit every taste. The stores also serve as lounges, where customers relax, discuss their products, enjoy a game of foosball or check out their trademark vaping T-shirts.

 “We carry basic starter kits, such as Ego One, to help ease people into vaping; and carry premium devices such as sub-ohm tanks, and batteries that power up to 200 watts and allow temperature control for vapers who are looking for more cloud (vapor production) and flavor,” she said.


To effectively reduce nicotine cravings and to increase the inducement to keep vapers on a healthier track, both stores carry more than 35 different flavors of e-juice with nicotine levels ranging from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, to 18mg. Having a choice of nicotine levels to vape “helps our users with their “nic-fix” and curbs all of the other hazardous chemicals you find in cigarettes,” Deana says.

“The most advanced products stocked are the rebuildable dripping atomizers – more commonly known as RDA’s – which are placed on a battery or a box-mod (a personal vaporizer that is box-shaped and comes in a variety of different wattages) of the customers’ choice,” Deana explained.

So if you want to make the change, take that first step, through Cayman Vapor Company’s doors and take a permanent vapecation.