Top tech products at A. L. Thompson’s Everything on your Christmas list

With Christmas just around the corner, A. L. Thompson’s has sourced the latest in must-have technology products to make gift-giving a cinch this year. As one of the islands’ largest retail outlets, the store is known for so much more than building supplies and home furnishings.

Beyond its impressive selection of festive decorations to bring a blaze of color to your celebrations, check out the store’s latest electronics offerings and in-store gift ideas, to find the perfect presents for everyone on your list.

Electronics devices and gadgets are always firm favorites. Whether you’re a gamer, a movie buff, a camera freak, or simply need a laptop or iPad for work or play on-the-go, A. L. Thompson’s has plenty in-store to keep you connected and entertained. Here are just some of the store’s hottest present picks, which are guaranteed to bring festive cheer to your loved ones this holiday season.

Haier 32-inch LED Smart TV with Built-in Roku

Haier Roku TV models feature a personalized home screen for quick access to all TV entertainment choices, including devices such as game consoles, cable boxes, and Blu-ray players, as well as favorite streaming channels like Netflix and Hulu.

Forget having to navigate through multiple inputs and complicated menus to access your favorite shows. Now, in just a few clicks of the remote, viewers can watch live television, stream a movie, or listen to music all from their Roku TV home screen with more than 2,000 channels to choose from offering a mindboggling 250,000 movies and TV episodes.

Trio AXS
If you or family members don’t yet have a tablet, treat yourselves to the new Trio AXS 4G with Wi-Fi as your introduction to tablet terrain. At almost 8 inches, this sleek and trendy one-pound device has 16GB and a quad-core processor to let your tablet work more efficiently. It comes with an Android 4.2 operating system that lends itself to Google infrastructure for Gmail and other Google accounts. It also has a nifty dual camera perfect for taking selfies and others images, which are then easy to share on the Internet.

Hewlett-Packard detachable Laptop

Is it a laptop, or is it a tablet? The HP Pavilion X2 10-inch 2-in-1 detachable laptop is both and more. The advantage of the laptop format is a full keyboard and a fully productive Windows PC with 8.1
OS. The advantage of the tablet format is its lightweight portability and touch screen, also via Windows 8.

HP has pulled out all the stops with this hybrid model. Helping it stand out from the crowd is its outstanding new design, with the ultra usable keyboard and side-mounted speaker grills adding to its high-end look.

LG 55-inch Ultra-High-Definition 4K Smart LED TV

With Web OS 2.0, this television offers consistent 4K picture quality at wide viewing angles. It can upgrade everything you watch—HD or SD—to near-4K quality with its up-scaler.

The secret behind LG’s outstanding 4K UHD performance is the specially designed panel. IPS 4K delivers true colors that remain more consistent at wide viewing angles with four times the resolution of full HD. With IPS 4K, any seat can be the best seat in the house. Get the superior viewing experience that you expect from a 4K UHD HD TV with this LG model.

iSwag Xtreme Cam 1080
This durable and portable camera for adventure-loving types is ideal for extreme sporting shots. The iSwag Xtreme comes with a waterproof case, helmet mount, seat post and handlebar mount, coupled with digital zoom and anti-shake technology which keeps pictures crisp, making it easy to attach the camera for perfect action shots.

The camera’s color 2-inch LCD display allows instant feedback of videos.  Every camera comes with the above additions, as well as an 8GB Class 10, high-speed micro SD card that stores hours of video and thousands of photos. A remote control is included with the Xtreme+, which allows control from up to 50-feet away.