Creative fitness: Keeping the interest after the resolution wavers


Dance class is not just for kids. Adults too
can benefit from dancing, which as well as being entertaining, burns
calories and improves flexibility and coordination.

Various dance
classes are available in Cayman. Private one-on-one dance lessons can
be arranged through Life Extension, including flamenco, salsa, ballroom
and contemporary styles. Adults who want to join Miss Jackie’s ‘Company’
and perform at charity events and other functions can take part in free
dance classes at Miss Jackie’s School of Dance.

As the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Eve, many may have pledged to improve their fitness levels in 2016. This resolution could be a difficult one to keep, but chances of success will increase if you choose a physical activity that challenges and interests you.

For those of us who would rather tackle something slightly different than treadmills, rowing machines and the occasional light weight, there are many exciting exercise options to choose from.


It’s likely there is already a CrossFitter lurking within your group of friends or coworkers, evident either by their toned physique or possible aversion to all things grain.
Why not see what all of the hype is about at one of Cayman’s CrossFit ‘gyms’ dedicated to the sport?

CrossFit mixes weightlifting, sprints, jump training and other forms of exercise into a high intensity, short workout, which ensures all areas of the body are given attention. Its variation and short workout options keep boredom at bay, and the community factor is also a big selling point.

Cardio tennis 


Tennis drills and various exercise stations create a heart pumping, high intensity, varied, aerobic workout, which burns a lot of calories while improving speed and balance as well as working on tennis skills.

The different levels available allow anyone from a beginner to an expert tennis player to benefit, while group classes also encourage socializing.

A few locations offer cardio tennis sessions on-island, including Cayman Islands Tennis Club, Cayman Tennis Academy and Cayman Sports, with sessions catering to different levels of fitness and skill. Contact your location of choice to find out what options are available, and get a few friends together to join in the fun.

Pole dancing 

Gone are the days when poles were restricted to gentlemen’s clubs. In recent years, the pole has come to the forefront as part of pole fitness, with popularity skyrocketing for this form of exercise.

Pole fitness works multiple muscles in one workout and increases overall body tone, strengthens core muscles, improves posture and increases cardio endurance, all while incorporating dance moves and doing something different rather than your run-of-the mill gym workout.

There are a few venues for pole fitness classes in Cayman, including at Anytime Fitness and Kings Sports Centre.



Beach fitness should always be top of the list in Cayman whether it is leisurely morning walks, or more strenuous weekend beach volleyball matches.

Not only is volleyball fun, it is also a great team builder, improves balance and hand-eye coordination and is a great way to stay in shape as it tones muscles throughout the body.

There are courts on beaches around Cayman, including Seven Mile Public Beach and Rum Point, where people can turn up and play whenever they please. Beach volleyball competitions are also arranged through the Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation.


Combining the movements of pilates, cardio, yoga and ballet, barre is a full body workout and produces impressive and fast results.
The same barre you may remember from childhood ballet lessons is the main prop in this grown up work out, and some barre classes also use free weights and mat work to vary the workout further.

Barre classes improve posture, flexibility and muscle definition and aid weight loss; all while delivering a safe and very effective low impact exercise. Anytime Fitness, Balance and Life Extension all offer barre classes, and various class styles are available.