New Year’s Resolutions:

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New Year’s Resolutions: Get yourself a goal, for the day, the month or
the whole year. People who intentionally make resolutions are more
likely to attain their goals than people who don’t make resolutions at
all. The start of a new year is a time of reflection. We look back on
the successes and challenges of the previous year, and we decide what we
want to improve upon in the coming year. The most important thing is to
work hard and stay true to you.


Get a facial at Beyond Basics:  The Cayman Christmas breeze has probably got your skin feeling very dry and dull. Rejuvenate your skin and visit Beyond Basics. With over 10 different types of facials, they can cater to whatever you’re looking for. They have innovative treatments like Hydra Facials for especially dry skin, purifying acne facial and the anti-aging Cayman Silk Facial. There’s a facial for everyone.



Saucha: It’s that time of the year to start new and healthy habits, so how about starting with a clean diet? Saucha Cayman offers a raw, vegan and gluten free menu for very health conscious diners. They also offer an amazing range of “Kombucha,” which has a very long list of health benefits. They base their menu around what’s available locally and seasonally in the Cayman Islands, and they deliver from West Bay to Grand Harbor. You can view their weekly menu at:


Try Krav Maga: Try something new, like Krav Maga which teaches you how to react in real situations to ensure your safety. It is also the official self-defence system of the Israeli Defence Forces. One of the most popular and useful class is the “10 most common attacks” defence class. The purpose of this class is to give every individual the opportunity to learn something that could potentially save their life (or someone else’s).  This class is free; however they ask to bring a donation to the Cayman Crisis Centre Fund. Learn the principals of health, fitness and martial arts this January.


Heroes Day: On the 25th of this month, join the national celebration of heritage and culture that makes these islands and their people great. Heroes Day 2016 will shine a light on Cayman’s agricultural pioneers. In the morning, enjoy the wonderful parade that takes place in George Town, and then spend the rest of the day relaxing on this public holiday by heading to the beach or enjoying local activities.