The newest addition to Cayman’s entertainment landscape is Locked Inn, a set of deviously designed escape rooms to test the problem-solving skills of a team of up to six people.

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular in the U.S. and Canada, so when I heard one had opened here, I was keen to give it a try.


The entire area is on the second floor, with an open balcony where people can comfortably sit to read the rules of the game. There aren’t many to go through, but it’s important to give them your full attention.

Basically, you can ask for one hint at any time, which you’ll get as a freebie. It does not affect your chance to end up on the wall of fame. If, however, you request more hints, you will be given them, but you void the wall of fame slot.

Should you need to leave the room in case of emergency, there is a key to open the door, but you will not be allowed to go back in once you have left.

Escape rooms

There are three rooms to try: The Asylum; Pirate’s Cellar; and Death Row. The Outbreak room is expected to open in early April. There seem to be differing opinions on which of the three is the most difficult, but certainly none of them are easy, so it really comes down to which theme appeals the most.

Maybe it’s because we’re all a little nuts, but our team chose The Asylum. We were given a briefing before entering the hallway and then the experience began.

Our tour guide started the cheery-sounding back story on The Asylum while opening a door to a pretty stark room with an uncomfortable metal bed in the middle. Next thing we knew, the door was closed on us and the large timer against the front wall started counting down from 45 minutes.

There’s not much I can say from here without giving some clues away, which brings me to the most important rule of all: once you have been through one of the rooms, you must keep the information to yourself, otherwise you’ll spoil it for those who will want to experience it for themselves.

What I can say is that we had an absolutely brilliant time figuring out clues, trying to solve puzzles and working together against the clock. I can see this appealing to a family; group of friends; or an office team. I would definitely recommend 4-6 people per team.

I have always been a fan of puzzle apps, and I have to say that my experience with them may have helped me a little, but really it comes down to using your noggin and having members of the team spreading out to split up the work. If you all move around en masse, you’ll probably find that to be an inefficient use of your time.

There is a walkie-talkie in the room, allowing the world outside to give you information once in a while. Note that anything you hear does not count as your hint, unless you specifically ask for it. We were worried that perhaps we’d given the impression that we wanted lots of hints, but no – it is standard practice to receive updates once in a while.

How much did we enjoy it? We immediately made plans to go back and try the Pirate’s Cellar. We loved Locked Inn.

The adjoining space they have upstairs enables them to accommodate a large party of people with catering available, so perhaps you’ll want to have your next event there. It’s a versatile place with lots of possibilities.

Either way, you really have to try this out. There’s always room at the Inn.

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