Miss Cayman Monyque Brooks: Up Close and Personal

How did it feel to win Miss Cayman?

I was in complete shock when they first announced my name on the night of the pageant. However, all the hard work and sacrifice paid off so I am extremely grateful to have won the crown and honored to be an ambassador for the Cayman Islands.

What has been your favorite experience so far since you won?

My absolute favorite experience so far has been meeting Steve Harvey. I had the opportunity to go on his syndicated radio show which is aired all over the United States.

Who is your biggest supporter and why?

I have many supporters who have been there for me from the beginning of my journey and are still there to this day. It truly takes a village to make this happen. However, the woman that triumphs all is my mom! She’s the ultimate pageant mom and I thank God every day for her.

What do you think makes a person beautiful?

As clichéd as it may sound, what makes a person beautiful is who they are on the inside. Someone who is God-fearing, stays true to who they are, humble, positive and selfless.

What message would you like to give young girls for whom you are now a role model?

I would not only give advice to young girls, but to young boys as well. I would definitely highlight the importance of tertiary education especially in this age of global competitiveness. As such, I would also encourage them to start putting some thought, if they haven’t done so already, into what career path they wish to pursue.

Having been a teenager myself, I understand how difficult a decision this can be; so an additional piece of advice I would give them is to seek out a mentor to help them be confident in the various decisions they make.

Do you have a favorite local or international designer?

I had the wonderful opportunity to wear a design by Olivia B. during my journey to the crown and her work is absolutely amazing! We have great talent on island that needs to be showcased so I am looking forward to continue to showcase her work, among others, during my reign.

Are you nervous or excited about the upcoming Miss World and Miss Universe pageants?

I’m extremely excited! There’s no time to show nerves or anxiety when you’re up against approximately 80 phenomenal young women from around the world. Therefore, I’m looking forward to embracing the experience and making Cayman proud.

What are your hobbies when you’re not making appearances?

If I could eat, sleep and breathe dance I would. I’ve been dancing since the age of 4 and I almost feel incomplete when I don’t get the opportunity to do so. I try to get in the dance studio whenever my free time allows.

You lost a lot of weight before the pageant. You must be very proud of your accomplishment. How did you find sticking to the diet, and do you have advice for others looking to lose weight?

It was extremely challenging! I’m your typical island girl who loves Caribbean food (especially a good plate of rice and beans and Cayman style beef). However, I knew that I had a goal to reach so I had to be disciplined. My advice to others seeking to achieve the same goal is to just stay focused and consistent and you will definitely see results.