New Gluten-Free Beer

As you stroll down the grocery store aisles you may have noticed a number of brands advertising their foods as gluten free. The Cayman Islands Brewery (CIB) has taken notice.

Back in 2014, the Caylight brand underwent a transformation. In an attempt to appeal to a larger base of the beer drinking demographic in the Cayman Islands, CIB unveiled the Caybrew Premium Light Lager.

Caybrew Premium Light

Caybrew Premium Light is a slightly sweeter beer with a dry light body. Its beautiful straw color and white foamy head looks fantastic in the glass and with each sip a lingering aftertaste of fresh bread is accompanied by slight grassy undertones. The hop character is prevalent, but not overly abundant.

white-tip[1]It pairs well with seafood or pizza, which makes it a great choice when watching your favorite sport.

Aside from the extraordinary taste, something else is very different about this beer that distinguishes it from most of the others on the market. It is gluten free.

So if you or a friend has gluten sensitivity or if you just want to try something delicious and new, pick up a Caybrew Premium Light at your local liquor store or order one the next time you are out for dinner.

White Tip partners with Guy Harvey

Shark populations around the world are being dramatically reduced, due to the loss of reef habitat and over-exploitation by global fisheries.

The Cayman Islands Brewery has raised tens of thousands of dollars through its White Tip initiative, and these funds are donated to marine conservation efforts in the Cayman Islands.

In collaboration with Guy Harvey, the brewery has rebranded White Tip Lager to now feature its new Guy Harvey logo and endorsement.

This allows the company to look at exporting to the U.S. market, to increase donations to the Department of Environment and Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

The money raised will be used to further research and raise awareness of our marine habitats in the Cayman Islands and the surrounding region.