Top 10 Things We Love This Month

    Lovers-WallLooking to reignite a spark or have a unique first date? Lovers are flocking back up to Lovers Wall on the south coast. It overlooks a dazzling display of rocks and waves on the drive to East End, begging a closer look. The seaside stretch of stone wall with its iconic red and white sign has popped up with more frequency on social media. No main squeeze? Take a friend or little one and smile for your selfie! Memories included free.
    FloetryWhether you are on a surfboard or in the boardroom, exercising creativity is a proven way to get happier, quiet stress and be more productive at work. April is also National Poetry Month so why not grab your friends or main squeeze for a night of poetry at Books & Books for the aptly named Floetry night? Even if you don’t feel like free styling a rhyme, enjoying the stanzas of others is totally free.
    Continuing a huge 2015 beauty trend, word is the DevaCurl line is flying off the shelves at The Salon. Cayman’s curly haired girls reclaim their natural texture with the products that gradually rebuild curls, smooth texture and repair hair damaged from years of straightening. Skip shampoo for their now-famous “hair cleanser” to leave hair’s natural oils intact. Complete the experience with their custom micro fiber towel that leaves damp hair prepped for air-dried perfection.
    CrepesCayman has gone crazy for crepes. Cayman Creperie has built up some serious street cred with locals who are in a frenzy to taste the French treat. Crepes are similar to a very thin pancake and can be prepared with any variety of yummy sweet or savory ingredients. We recommend The Classic, done the traditional way with ham and cheese, for a taste of Paris chic in paradise. Bonus: they are open on Sundays for a leisurely (and very photogenic) bite.
    hannah-3617The “athleisure” trend has people trading haute couture for hoodies at a much more premium price tag. Comfort is the key with this new blended fashion trend that incorporates such classics as shell-toe Adidas and jogger trousers to the category of smart casual. Not ready to trade your work blazer for a neoprene bomber jacket? Check out rising model, wellness expert and DJ Hannah Bronfman’s new campaign for Adidas #HereToCreate for some serious workout outfit inspiration.
    Foot massages are the Starbucks coffee of Hong Kong with vendors on every corner offering the indulgent and expert service for a pittance to executives and visitors. Now, Cayman residents can enjoy this historical medicinal reflexology at select salons such as Polished in Galleria Plaza. The treatment is a perfect mid-day or after work treat as it can be done sans pedicure, posing benefits to the circulatory system, stress levels, productivity and focus. Say Om!
    MonogramYou needn’t be a monarch to enjoy your initials on everyday items such as your towels or even your handbags. This elegant trend, historically saved for those who could custom-purchase expensive designer goods, can be an easy way to elevate your everyday items. Coach offers an online monogramming experience for pre-made leather items. Not ready for the splurge? Grab your favorite Egyptian cotton linens and get thee to a seamstress for the ultimate in personalization.
  8. TAI CHI
    Living in paradise comes with its perks. Most Sundays, Sensei Greg Reid leads a free Tai Chi class at Camana Bay. This ancient martial art comprises a series of gentle physical movements with breathing techniques. The method is well known for calming and rejuvenating the central nervous system. When combined with the lush green surroundings and fresh air, you can count on an extremely relaxing sensory experience. Had a rough week? Visit their website for applicable dates.
    Moet-1 If you like a bit o’ the bubbly, you’ll want to get a ticket for the Moët evening at Catch on April 23. Guests get a four course dinner, paired with the famous Champagne, as well as a Moët Ice Imperial reception. Catch is located at Morgan’s Harbour, so not only can you look forward to a fantastic evening of food and drink; you can also drink in the beautiful views of the sea. Call 949-4321 for reservations.
  10. OIL IT UP
    Bio-OilWe love the Bio-Oil product being sold at local pharmacies and retailers. Containing PurCellin Oil and Vitamins A and E, it helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin and dehydrated skin. We used it for a couple of weeks and definitely noticed an improvement in the look of our epidermis. A little dab will do ya!