crystal-cave-1The millennia-old cave system with its towering stalagmites, stalactites and other interesting cave features, presents a stunning opportunity for both residents and locals to enjoy time away from the heat and humidity of the beach.

Cayman’s newest and yet oldest attraction, Crystal Caves in North Side, is a subterranean wonderland well worth the visit.

Set in a 200-acre parcel of virgin rainforest, the attraction is a nature lover’s paradise. Its extensive network of limestone caves, chambers and passages with vines, suspended tree roots and bat colonies have yet to be fully explored.

Guided tours of three of the caves along with the guided trail walk ensure visitors come away having picked up a lot of interesting tidbits about the local geology, flora and fauna of the locale. Find out why the tourist tree is so called, check out the air orchids and catch a fleeting glimpse of the notoriously shy agoutis.

To keep the experience insightful and memorable, groups are limited to 10 visitors. Water and a brief rest is available at the Sky Deck overlooking the caves after the half-hour trail. With its souvenir shop, shaded seating and restrooms; the platform gives a commanding view of the site, which looks like something out of the Jurassic Park.

Visit Open Ceiling Cave with its spectacular overhead opening and ancient “cave pearls;” Bat Cave; and finally Lake Cave with its pristine waters topped by stalactites. With lots to see in each cave, have your camera ready.

crystal-cave-2Visitors to Crystal Caves will have a fair bit of walking to do during the 90-minute tour though the terrain is fairly level. Sensible closed walking shoes are advised and visitors should be moderately healthy as there is a spiral staircase to descend into one of the caves.


Tours run Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. To book call 925-3001, visit or email mailto:[email protected]