Fly by Night

Ashton Beukers isn’t just an extraordinary daytime flyboarder. When he’s not hitting the island’s beach bars and clubs, he’s lighting up the night in an LED suit that has him in great demand for major events.


Name: Ashton Beukers
Born: Toronto
Age:  22



“When I’m not flyboarding, I’m just enjoying the sun and the sea,” says Ashton, who embraces the warm year-round temperatures compared to those of Canada.

He spends a lot of time in the water, diving and snorkeling.

“I’ve done Stingray City and the other classic stuff,” he says. I just love being in the sea.



“I actually spend a number of my evenings performing flyboard night shows,” says Ashton. “I wear a full body LED waterproof suit and the board has strong red lights that shine right down into the water. It’s a pretty impressive setup.”

When Ashton isn’t dazzling crowds with his stunts by night, he heads out with friends to bars like Whiskey Mist, Calico Jack’s and Royal Palms. You could say that he’s got a weakness for the beach bars.

“I also really like Sunset House,” he says. “It’s a cool place to hang out.”

For dinner, it’s usually sushi or maybe even a barbecue at Smith Cove.

If he’s got any energy left, Lillie’s is his nightclub of choice. He’s young, so…



Ashton Beukers was born and raised in Toronto and has been water skiing since he was a child.

He joined Canada’s largest watersports company – Summer Water Sports (SWS) – first as a professional water skier and then switched to flyboarding when he saw a demonstration about four years ago.

“It was clearly going to be huge – the future – and I knew instantly that I wanted to become a flyboarder,” he says.

As SWS produces the National Canadian Waterski Show Team, Ashton got exposed to major competition in the flyboarding arena once he took it up seriously.

He spent time performing internationally at such far flung locales as China and Dubai and is presently ranked 9th in the world. His best show had him placed 4th at the North American Championships, and thanks to a performance last December, he is now sponsored by Zapata Racing.

Cayman is SWS’s first foray into the international market, and at present concentrates solely on teaching flyboarding and providing flyboarding demonstrations for events and private shows.