It’s a shame that some people don’t venture beyond the warm embrace of the Seven Mile strip. Sure, the bars there are decked out, and the professional DJs spin great tunes, but it’s certainly not what life in the islands used to be like.

Those who have lived in Cayman for decades will remember the days of the legendary Holiday Inn, Beach Club, Driftwood and other bars further afield where shoes were optional and air-conditioning was rare.

The Crew Bar on Eastern Avenue is located in a nondescript building and the doors are always open because only fans keep the air moving. The televisions are retro and like many other local bars in the islands, there is a jukebox in evidence rather than a DJ on the turntables.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see pieces of maritime history on the walls and sitting on shelves. Part of that rich history is owner Cebert Wood, a character and a man with extensive knowledge of ships and life at sea.

Mr. Wood has been around for many a year and he appreciates the natural gift that these islands are; therefore, he is an enthusiastic participant in the Cayman Islands Brewery’s green initiative.

“I don’t throw the bottles away, and I’ve spoken to other bars to encourage them to do the same,” says Mr. Wood. “The Caybrew beers are the most popular with the locals, and we sell Caybrew Premium Light and Ironshore Bock too.”

Some regulars were chatting at the bar when we were there for the photoshoot, and the owner of the jukebox showed up to add some more country music to the playlist. One of Barefoot’s CDs was in plain view.

The bar and all the décor behind the bar was made locally and will give anyone with some miles under their belt a shot of real nostalgia.

Yup, the Crew Bar is a must visit for locals, travelers and time travelers.