Top 10 Things We Love This Month – June 2016

1. Stogies Cigar Lounge

1)-StogiesWhether you’re looking to impress some favored clients or hold a private party for a special occasion, Stogies Cigar Lounge brings an elegance and luxury to your event that everyone will appreciate and remember.

With a fully stocked bar and sumptuous furnishings, not to mention a selection of fine international cigars, Stogies can comfortably accommodate up to 30 people in a relaxed and social atmosphere. Finger foods and canapes are available upon request. Stogies is located behind Bar Crudo on the harbor front.

2. FilmOn App   

2)-FilmOn-AppSo, ever since we discovered this app, we’ve been in 7th British Heaven. It’s free to download and allows you to stream British TV stations without setting up a VPN or other such hassles to hide your IP address.

There is lots of content available beyond U.K. programming, but it’s pretty random. For those who have missed their classic programs, snooker, and bingo ads from across the pond, however, the FilmOn app is a gift.

3. Taco Tuesdays 

Agave Grill, off the Butterfield roundabout, is a nook of authentic Mexican food and tequila beverages with a loyal fan base stretching from Cayman to south-of-the-border.

The prices are already reasonable, but on Tuesdays the place goes one better with a 2-for-1 taco special. Choose from a menu of tacos, and share among your friends at the table, while washing it all down with a cerveza, sangria or margarita. See

4. Optical fashion  

RB-glasses-01Remember when wearing glasses was considered geeky or nerdy? If you were a kid in school with poor eyesight, being prescribed spectacles could feel like a social death sentence.

Well, glasses have come a long way, baby. Optical Outlook in the Caymanian Village stocks an amazing range of designer brand frames, as well as hardier models for sports, and fashionable shades to protect orbs from the harmful rays of the sun. They have different shapes, colors and styles to suit all faces and ages. Suddenly, you’re a trendsetter.

5. Shades of success

6)-TransvioletIf you recently saw a band called Transviolet on the Late Late Show with James Corden, you might have wondered if the lead singer, Sarah McTaggart, had any Cayman roots, or if the name was just a coincidence.

She is indeed of Cayman heritage, from a family of singers and musicians, which certainly hasn’t hurt her rise to stardom. The band recently played some gigs in Europe and has been signed to Epic Records. Listen for their hit song “Girls Your Age.” These guys are going places.

6. Straight razor it  

In professional hands, the straight razor is an elegant tool that can turn your average morning ritual into a religious experience. There are always men who’ll be happy with ripping a year-old BiC down their countenance and heading out the door, but perhaps they’re satisfied with the familiar rather than trying out something new.

Man Cave in Caribbean Plaza offers a proper straight razor shave, with all the bells and whistles, to not just cut the hair, but to soothe the skin. Don’t know what to get a man for Father’s Day? Look no further.

7. Isy B. at Sand Angels

7-Isy-B-smallLocal designer Isy Obi’s brand Isy B. has been garnering rave reviews overseas, and now her latest collection can be found at Sand Angels in Camana Bay through a collaboration with Catherine Dawson-James, owner of the boutique.

A fashion show was held on June 2 to raise money for the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and to highlight the launch of Isy B. at Sand Angels.

Isy B. was seen on the runway at London Fashion Week in 2015 and was picked up by online retailer and Macy’s partner, Nineteenth Amendment, later that year.

8. Magic carpets

To see a carpet or rug being made in the Mediterranean is to watch an extraordinary ritual, where materials are woven or knotted together to create beautiful pieces of art.

Rugs Oriental in Galleria Plaza stocks an extraordinary selection of small, medium and large rugs from exotic locales, such as Afghanistan, China, India, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan – created from fine silks and wools.

Use them in your home on the floor to add warmth and color, or hang them on the wall so they can be appreciated from a whole new angle.

9. Hole in One

Just because it’s almost mandatory to take up golf when you retire, doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to get in the game.

Cayman has a few golf courses to choose from and experts who can give you some lessons to get you started.

Doesn’t it always look so much fun, people flying by on golf carts as they move from hole to hole?

You don’t have to commit to a whole bag of clubs, tees, balls and classy clothes at the start. Give it a try first, then let the cheesy gifts come rolling in.

10. Father’s Day

fathers-day-photo-smallJune is the month to celebrate the fathers in our lives, and this year, the date is June 19.

Do we even have to mention that brunch is always a good idea? Or how about a day out fishing? Maybe help clean out the shed or the garage, or mow the lawn. Whatever saves Dad some work will definitely be very much appreciated.

Get your greeting card now before all the good ones are gone, as the shelves are always pretty empty the day before. You have been warned.