The Treasure Island hotel, presently going through a transition, holds a lot of memories for many people in these islands.

Once home to Silvers Nightclub, stage acts like Joe Savage, and at the outdoor bar, the Sons of the Beach band, Treasure Island is now destined for newer things.

billy-bones-beersLuckily, the Sunset Cove outdoor bar, located behind Treasure Island and long christened “Billy Bones” is still alive and well, and residents and visitors gather there in the afternoons and evenings every day of the week to sit back with a cold beverage and socialize.

The bar sits in the round, with approximately 90 degrees of its circumference dedicated to the edge of the huge swimming pool, complete with permanent seats in the water.

Billy Bones is surrounded by lush plant life with a view across the property to the sea. With all this natural beauty around, it’s not surprising to hear that the management and staff are happy to be participating in the Cayman Islands Brewery’s green recycling initiative.

All the White Tip bottles they sell are crated when empty and recycled at the brewery to be used again. And if you’d rather a cold Ironshore Bock or classic Caybrew beer, they can accommodate you with a large one from the draft taps. It doesn’t get much more “green” than draft beer.

Billy Bones serves up comfort food such as chicken tenders, quesadillas, sandwiches, burgers, wings and kebabs, seven days a week, with a BBQ every weekend. This is the kind of menu that matches perfectly with Cayman Islands Brewery beer.

So don’t be distracted by the facelift that Treasure Island is getting right now; just get to the back of the property and you’ll find the Billy Bones oasis right there. Ask for Jesse Walker and he’ll hook you up with some cold drinks. Just follow the sound of laughter and good times.