Summer bucket list


We ran our Top 50 fun activities feature for the first time last year, and the issue was so popular that we decided to bring back the concept for July 2016.

If you’re familiar with those Facebook quizzes, asking you to tick off places you’ve visited and things you’ve done in your life, you’ll already be well familiar with how this works.

No matter how long you’ve been in the Cayman Islands, we’re willing to bet that there are at least 10 items on this list that you haven’t tried. The summer offers an excellent opportunity to fill in the gaps and really explore this beautiful place that many of us call home.

Have you taken a submarine ride? Visited the caves? Climbed on a Jetovator? Been to Pedro St. James?

Whether you’re spending your entire summer in Cayman, or just part of it, there are ample activities available to keep you busy every day of the week, if you so desire.

One of the best things about our summer here is that it is a quieter time of year compared to other countries that suffer really cold winters. That means that businesses will give nice discounts to residents, making excursions more affordable for families.

Check out our Top 50 list for some examples of companies already offering significant deals for the summer, and don’t forget to always ask when booking a trip or tour if you can get a “resident rate.”

We encourage you to share your photos and experiences with the hashtag #WhatsHotTop50 so everyone can live the dream through your eyes.

Let’s see what you get up to this summer!

50 fun things to do this summer: