Swimming with dolphins is on almost everyone’s bucket list. In Grand Cayman, visitors get the chance to fulfill their dream in state-of-the-art dolphinariums.

At Dolphin Discovery or at Dolphin Cove, guests will have an up close experience with the most fascinating marine mammals in our planet.

Visitors can choose from a number of  exciting activities. There’s no need to be a great swimmer or have any special skills; everyone can enjoy swimming with dolphins.

The Dolphin Encounter is ideal for children of all ages and adults who aren’t as adventurous. Guests are able to interact with the dolphin while standing on a platform waist-deep in the water. Trainers will teach you about the anatomy of these incredible beings and you’ll fall in love with dolphins all over again when you’re this up-close-and-personal.

The Royal Swim and Swim Adventure allow swimmers to enjoy a ride while holding onto the dolphins’ fins be thrilled by the foot-push, where dolphins push guests across the water by the bottom of their feet. Learn firsthand about the dolphins’ agility and strength!

Dolphin Trek is the only activity where you can interact and meet dolphins face-to-face underwater! Using Sea Trek helmet diving equipment, participants walk beneath the surface of the water and feel the rush as agile dolphins swim speedily about, jump to extreme heights and torpedo back into the depths.

stingrayDolphin Discovery is not only about dolphins. Guests will also get to visit the famous Turtle Farm where they can see turtles, feed them, hold them and even snorkel with them. Birds and sharks will also be a part of this adventure, along with water slides for kids.

At Dolphin Cove, guests can swim with dolphins in their natural environment. It also includes a trip to iconic Stingray City. Interacting with and feeding stingrays in their natural habitat is an opportunity not to be missed.

Both dolphinariums are certified by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums for exceeding the international standards of animal welfare. Interactive programs with dolphins make great emphasis on environmental education. This is an essential component of the companies’ philosophy in order to develop an ecological conscience in their guest through interaction with marine mammals.

Don’t miss a trip to Dolphin Discovery or Dolphin Cove when you visit the Cayman Islands! For information and reservations visit www.dolphindiscovery.com or call (345) 769-7946.