Top travel apps


EsplorioLogoWe are now officially in the throes of summer vacation, and for those of us who plan getaways around which destinations are the most Instagram-worthy, there is Esplorio. The app generates a digital travel journal as you move from place to place: logging the locales you visit, mapping journeys as you go and automatically uploading photos with a geo-tag to create a seamless and automatic journaling experience.

Esplorio can also turn the digital memories into physical postcards that users can send to friends and family back home. Bonus: the app uses no data when corralling info – so you can journal away guilt-free. Nothing ruins a vacation like a big bill when you get home.




GateGuruWith travel at an all-year high, delays and gate mishaps are almost certainly a guarantee for the summer vacationer. Insert GateGuru. The app aims to insert the “fun” and “magic” back into airline travel by making airport and TSA navigation easier to track. Can we get a “hallelujah”? GateGuru is one of only a handful of successful same-day travel apps. It allows you to view your Tripit and KAYAK official itineraries as well as view and post airport security wait times.

And don’t worry when you log on only to see a long line waiting for you; the app also includes reviews and a list of airport food, shops and services. Just stay away from the mystery meat.




ViatorIf you ever have had to ask “do you know who I am?” at the velvet rope while traveling, you probably wish you could travel more like a local. The Viator app promises just this, offering “insider” deals on tours and activities around the world. Users back the claim that the app delivers on the promise to let users “skip the lines” at attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building. That feature alone should have us all downloading Viator as an urgent priority.

This unique booking service also includes 600,000+ user reviews and photos.




roadtrippersNational Lampoon’s did no favors for the concept of hitting the open road for vacation season, but fear not, technology has come a long way in the last two decades. If your holiday plans will take you on the road, this app is for you. Enter your start and end destination, and any destinations you want to hit in between, and Roadtripper will navigate you in-app.

It allows users to add discoveries along the way as they pop up, so you can share new finds with friends in real time. After all, sharing is caring.