Get off the couch, throw the cat off your chest and ditch the box sets for a fuller viewing experience.

film2film1There’s probably no better time to remember why the immediacy and full immersion of the big screen so appeals than August, when the lines are much shorter and finding great parking is a breeze.

So, switch up the sweats, brush the chips of your knee and spruce yourself up a bit – this month at Regal Cinema looks pretty tempting. Make it a date night, double date night, or invite the gang out and enjoy some post-movie moments at one of Camana Bay’s tempting watering-holes and eateries.

Lose yourself in Suicide Squad starting Aug. 5. This fantasy/crime flick is showing in 3D. Intelligence officer Viola Davis (The Help) pulls together of team of dangerous jailbird super-villains (Will Smith and Margot Robbie) for a black ops mission – what could possibly go wrong?

Suicide Squad

Girls’ night out vehicle, Bad Moms (Aug. 12) is a super-funny and totally relatable comedy for all those multi-taskers out there who need to let off steam once-in-a-while. Mom to high achievers, Amy (Mila Kunis) has the perfect life other than being stressed, overworked, exhausted and ready to snap. Looking for a break, she joins forces with two other moms with hilarious consequences.

Lights-outAlso showing for a week from that Friday are Lights Out and Sausage Party. Fight the lethargy of the dog days of summer and get seriously creeped out by this taut, spine-chilling horror packed with plenty of jump scares. A deeply dysfunctional family, paranormal activity and a dash of humor to cleanse the palette will set audiences on a psychological rollercoaster that will have your stomach pitching.

There’s been so much hype about Sausage Party that it might be just as well to book your tickets online. For those who haven’t seen the trailer, this animated adventure/comedy revolves around a sausage taking other supermarket edibles on an existentialist quest to find out more about their world. Great vehicle for Seth Rogan, who plays this laugh-a-minute, rib-tickler to the hilt backed by a wicked script and some naughty one-liners.

It’s difficult to see how you could improve on perfection but the Ben Hur reboot (Aug. 19) should make unmissable viewing for just that reason. Bioscope-curious? You should be. This epic action film stars, among others, Morgan Freeman as the trainer who teaches Ben Hur how to chariot race with the best of them.

Also showing on the big screen from that Friday is War Dogs an intelligently played war comedy starring Jonah Hill (Knocked Up) and Miles Teller (Divergent). The film follows two buds looking to exploit a loophole to allow small businesses to bid for military contracts at the time of the Iraq War. Living high on the hog, watch the bubble burst and them take on some unpleasant home truths and trust no-one.

This month of movie magic closes out with the thrillingly good crime/drama Hell or High Water starting Aug. 26. Fear, crime and loathing coalesce in this finely pitched drama about siblings Toby (Chris Pine) and Tanner (Ben Foster) set in sunbaked and slow-paced west Texas. These low-grade bank robbers end up stealing your sympathy as their past is revealed.