Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, have a significant other, or just like hanging out with a group of friends, Cayman is a melting pot of personalities and cultures that guarantees an interesting night on the town.

Something always said of these islands is how friendly the people are, so even those new to the rock will quickly find themselves embraced by everyone who lives and works here.

Here are some suggestions for all manner of social butterfly so you can find your niche:


Don’t be intimidated by the idea of going out on your own. Start by hitting the places where there is entertainment or crowd participation that involves everyone. The open mic nights at various bars like Calico Jack’s and Lone Star are a good choice. If you’re a musician or singer, even better. First-timers are encouraged and who knows? You may find yourself joining a band a bit further down the road.

Go along to a karaoke night – there are plenty of them – and sing a song or cheer on others.

Another recommendation is to sign up as a member of the Cayman Drama Society. This fun group of amateur actors puts on some fabulous productions, and you can either be on stage or back-of-house – whatever makes you more comfortable.


salsa-coupleIf you’re starting to tire of  just each other’s company and want to get out to meet more people, sign up for wine tasting evenings or special culinary event nights. These often involve being seated at a table with folks you haven’t met before. Now’s your chance!

Salsa night at The Wharf is never a bad idea either. You get free salsa lessons every Tuesday, and then you can try all your new moves for the rest of the evening under the stars.


There’s almost nothing you can’t do as a group of people. In a way, you’ve created your own party already. That being said, it never hurts to look for something new to do.

We absolutely recommend one of the many pub quizzes being held on a regular basis around the island. The Cayman Islands Humane Society quiz is one of the favorites, but there are others as well to test your grey matter.

If there is enough of you, why not charter your own evening boat trip? SOS Tourz is like a club on the water, with a DJ station, LED running lights and enough space for people to get down and boogie.