Meet the masters – Marc Langevin

Marc Langevin
Paris, France
General Manager,
The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

What drives you to do your best every day?

“Carpe Diem”: My passion for life drives me to seek and maximize opportunities to make every day a better day.


marc-langevinHas anyone in particular in your life influenced and inspired you to succeed?

My principles were shaped by Father Remy Leproust in my early years. I also had mentors who supported my professional career development, including Andre Chopps, the director of Sport for Club Med resort in France; George La Forge, the Las Vegas restaurateur; Erich Steinbock, a senior executive at a Las Vegas Casino; and Jean Cohen, the opening GM at The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman.

I would also need to recognize my late wife, Pamela, who provided me with emotional support during the most difficult years, putting her career aside to support mine.


What made you choose your particular career?

When I realized I was getting paid to do what I love.


What goals do you have in the future?

My goal for the resort is for our product and our service delivery to remain exceptional, and that we maintain our leadership position in the market. As for my personal goal, it is to keep on balancing all my priorities while trying to inspire others.


What is one thing you would like to see change in your industry?

The negative image that certain people have about our industry which prevents them from choosing such an exciting career opportunity. I am so proud of our Ladies and Gentlemen who elevate themselves by delivering extraordinary experiences to our guests.


What would you say to younger people interested in your line of work and about being a leader?

By identifying and following their passion, they can achieve greater success, as work is no longer a chore but an opportunity to maximize their potential. Becoming a great leader is a long journey of discovery which requires a drive for excellence, a proactive attitude, a reliance upon – and appreciation – of others, and the support of great mentors.