All we can say is “WOW!” when we see how many amazing items there are available on the island this Christmas.

No matter how long your list may be, you’ll find everything you need in the following gift guide pages, with suggestions for any budget.

Looking for toys for the kids? We have some great ideas to keep them entertained long after the last tree light has been put away.

Is the man in your life tough to buy for? Take a look at what we’ve gathered, guaranteed to make him smile.

There are also loads of ideas for the ladies, from gifts under $50 to surprises over $250 when you really want to make a big impression.

The What’s Hot elves have taken a lot of time to put this selection together, so take your time to peruse their choices before you head out to do your Christmas shopping.

Buying local is a great idea for everyone. For starters, it means you don’t have to fly off the island to shop, staying in a hotel and renting a car at a big expense, not to mention encountering the joys of immigration and customs elsewhere.

You are also supporting the local economy when you spend money in Cayman’s stores, allowing merchants to expand their businesses which benefits you, the shopper, in the long run.

If something isn’t working as it should, you just jump in the car and take it back, instead of trying to find a way to ship it off the island to the manufacturer or retail outlet from which you purchased it.

We bet you’ll be surprised when you get out there and see how much variety there is, and how easy it is to get everything you need right here in Cayman.

Happy Shopping!