Have you been to Salty’s in the Shoppes at Grand Harbour? This sports bar and restaurant has been bringing landlubbers from far and wide to sample its wares, including a full menu of comfort food and of course, Cayman Islands Brewery beer.

Salty is an interesting character, who appears to have a girl in every port, judging by the postcards about the room. No nautically-themed place would be complete without a mermaid, so there she is on the wall, queen of all she surveys.

When sailors get into harbor, weary after a long trip on the high seas, the first thing they want is a cold beer and to watch some sports on big screen TVs. (Didn’t you read “Treasure Island”?)

Salty’s can offer both in abundance.

Pull up a chair to the bar, and the enchanting Alina Cozma will serve you an icy cold Caybrew or Ironshore Bock to revive your spirit. They cure what ails ya and all of their bottles get recycled by the Cayman Islands Brewery to keep them off the landfill and out of the sea.

Y’see, Salty feels at home on the waves, and the last thing he wants is to spy is bottles or any other foreign objects polluting the waters. That’s why Salty’s bar is committed to gathering empty vessels (get it?) and returning them to the brewery to be cleaned, recycled and reused.

Sailors can sleep well at night, knowing they’ve done their bit for the environment.

So head to Salty’s this evening and order a cold one. Shore leave never tasted so good.