F45 Training Cayman

Are you tired of your old routine? Do you feel that you really need to get on the fitness track to better health and a stronger body, but can’t face the “same old, same old” program that has never worked long-term? It’s time for F45.


January is typically the month when people empty their fridges and cupboards of all the junk food accumulated in December, and they resolve to lose weight and get fit. The F45 Training Cayman studio in the Strand on Seven Mile can help you achieve those goals, one session at a time.

The system

F45 sets the benchmark in fitness and functional training with 16 unique workout systems (and more to come), each carefully designed with the world’s leading fitness professionals to carve out your ultimate body and performance.

Trialed and tested at F45 headquarters in Sydney, Australia, each of these super series workouts is finely tuned to achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible, and with the most fun and variety.

The F45 innovation in fitness delivers individual results within the motivational environment of entertaining, expert-led interactive group sessions.

Planning your class schedule is quick and easy with the F45 Training App, allowing real-time bookings, personal tracking, and other great features to keep you ahead of the game.


The speed with which F45 has grown globally is quite extraordinary. It’s hard to believe that it was only founded in 2014 in Sydney, and already has over 460 franchises sold over five continents. The Cayman Islands is the first F45 Training studio in the Caribbean, giving residents exclusive access to this exciting program.

7 Days Free

If you’re looking for something new and challenging and want to see if F45 is a good “fit” for you, why not sign up for the fantastic 7 Days Free promotion currently available at F45 Training Cayman? There is no obligation and it certainly gives you enough time to really see what the program is all about. Should you find yourself joining the thousands of converts out there, you can sign up for a three-, six- or 12-month membership.

8-Week Challenge

f45In the first week of February, F45 Training Cayman will offer the 8-Week Challenge to members with daily meal plans, fitness tests, and before-and-after data. That means you have the month of January to get into the groove so you’ll be plenty prepared for the challenge in February. In the month of Valentine’s Day, focus the love on yourself and give your muscles what they crave!

For more information, call 925-1733 or email [email protected].

F45 is located upstairs in the Strand.