Cayman Airways: Keeping Travel Civilized

Remember the days when air travel was a luxurious, full-service means of travel? Even in economy class, there were blankets, pillows and maybe even a snack or two.

You could bring along the luggage you needed, say “goodbye” to loved ones at the gate without being separated from them at security, and basically be treated like a human.

Then, one day, an airline decided to start charging for luggage. The idea caught on, and slowly but surely, the perks that made flights bearable were slowly removed. Passengers had to pay if they wanted an aisle or window seat, snacks cost money and the blankets and pillows went out with the bath water.

Cayman Airways, the national airline, is one of the few companies keeping air travel civilized. While other airlines seem to be squeezing more and more revenue out of passengers for what were once considered basic services, Cayman Airways remains steadfast in its commitment to giving its customers what they want at no extra cost.

For starters, everyone flying is entitled to at least two checked-in bags plus carry-on. No more trying to shove everything into one case, or having to make sacrifices of either space or money.

Those flying business class get three checked-in bags.

The Cayman Airways check-in counter is friendly and accommodating, no matter where you are. It’s Caymankind that you’ll find in whatever international airport you’re flying from, be it Miami, New York, Tampa, Chicago or the airline’s destinations in the Caribbean.

Then there is the onboard service. You don’t have to pay extra for specific seats in economy class and Tortuga rum punch is included. In business class, you’ll get a snack such as a sandwich or fruit and cheese platter on short flights, and something more substantial on longer flights.

For years, locals and visitors have appreciated the personal service that Cayman Airways has to offer, and travel critic Richard Bangs echoed this sentiment when he listed it in his choice of the world’s top eight airlines.

In his article “The Eight Great Airlines for 2015,” Cayman Airways was named alongside Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines, LAN Airlines, and Emirates.

The national airline is one of the most accommodating in the business, long may it remain so.