We don’t know if you’ve heard, but Hemingways on Seven Mile Beach has now reopened with a brand new menu. Its fabulous Asian fusion-style cuisine is already garnering rave reviews on social media, so isn’t it time you took a look?

The unparalleled view of the sea isn’t the only familiar sight at this popular restaurant. Anyone who has enjoyed the culinary scene in the Cayman Islands for the last decade or so will recognize the smiling face of Reno Mancini, now the manager of Hemingways.

You’ll also find the welcome sight of Cayman Islands Brewery products on tap, the perfect complement to your meal.

The menu has cold appetizers, such as the Wagyu beef tataki and truffled tuna tartare taco, along with hot appetizers like the crispy pan seared lobster gyoza and hoisin duck spring roll, followed by a selection of sushi, tempura dishes, salads, bao buns, main courses and even a “Not-so-Asian” section in case you’re not quite ready to visit the Far East.

Items are also noted as gluten-free and shellfish-free, where applicable, to help those with allergies make the right selection.

You just have to watch the sunset from your seat at Hemingways to know it doesn’t get much better than this.

When Hemingways serves bottles of Caybrew beer, it promptly sends its empties back to the brewery to be cleaned, washed and reused. Otherwise, it serves ice cold draft Caybrew, which is about as “green” as you can get.

The Cayman Islands Brewery is committed to preserving the environment by offering its retail outlets and restaurants the opportunity to keep bottles off the landfill. They are not crushed down – they are reused. A great way to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Stop by the new Hemingways today and reacquaint yourself with a legendary favorite.