1. Stogies

Everyone knows that Guy Harvey’s and Bar Crudo in town are great places to go for happy hour. Maybe it’s the calming view of the harbor and the sunset, or perhaps it’s the relaxed atmosphere after a long work day. In that same building you’ll find Stogies Cigar Lounge. Designed much like a gentleman’s club, the supple leather chairs, choice of top Cuban cigars and over 100 different rums are a welcome respite from the everyday. Stogies is perfect for booking a private party or meeting. Light up and sit back.

2. Whiskey Mist Tuesday Comedy Club

Back in the ‘90s, the old Holiday Inn used to be home to Coconuts Comedy Club where international comedians would perform almost every night of the week. People lined up for seats and the laughter went through the roof. Lord knows, we could all use a good belly laugh, which is why Whiskey Mist has revived the tradition of regular comedy nights. Every other Tuesday, starting at 8:30 p.m., stand-up talent that you may have seen on such familiar stations as HBO, takes to the stage. See Whiskey Mist’s Facebook page for more information.

3. Chimes Coconut Toffee Sea Salt

Have you tasted these addictive pieces of heaven? On a recent shopping trip we picked up a bag, intrigued by all the ingredients each morsel promised. That bag didn’t last the night. We think they deliberately make the individual wrappers difficult to open to save people from an overload. They are coconut-y, salty, toffee-ee and absolutely delectable. Trust us, once you find them you’ll want to buy a few bags the first time around. Check the web reviews, we’re not the only ones who think they are dee-vine.

4. The Full Monty at Eva’s

With the summer now officially upon us, more than ever, we want to be divesting ourselves of long pants and sleeves. Swimsuits, bikinis, shorts and flip-flops are about all the body will bear in these temperatures. If anyone has been hiding Hobbit-like toes and legs under long garments, now is the time to do something about it. One of the island’s best kept secrets is Eva’s in Ed’s Place on North Sound Road. It’s tucked upstairs, works wonders and boy, is it reasonably priced. Waxing, pedicures and manicures are specialties here. They can transform the most neglected peds.

5. CayFilm

Whatever it takes, you need to attend CayFilm this year. Still in its infancy, this film festival would rival those of its size stateside, thanks to its professional organization and extraordinary selection of celebrities and submitted films. Tony and Jenn Mark, the founders of CayFilm are once again pulling out all the stops, offering film lovers and filmmakers the opportunity to get up close and personal with industry members from all over the globe. Buy your tickets, attend the panels, see the films and prepare to be blown away.

6. Quadskis

James Bond fans will be familiar with a land-based craft that suddenly becomes a watercraft when 007 is at the wheel. That “Q,” he comes up with some amazing toys. Well, you too can now have the same heady experience, thanks to Quadski Adventure Tours in the Cayman Islands. The four-wheeled ATV you use on land converts to a high-powered jet ski on the water, giving you double the fun for one price! You know you want to give this a try, if for no other reason than to feel like a real secret agent for a day.

7. Hemingways is back

Hemingways Restaurant on Seven Mile Beach has officially reopened and man, has it got some great food on the menu. The new owners have switched the focus to Asian-style cuisine with Wagyu beef tataki and shrimp tempura joining sushi, sashimi, Bao Buns and a host of other delicious dishes on the list. We highly recommend getting a group together and sharing, while sipping one of Hemingways’ delightful cocktails. The Hemingways Lemonade with gin or vodka is a firm favorite. Those who remember and miss the Bamboo restaurant of old will consider this heady mix of flavors a welcome trip down memory lane.

8. Gin

The Marriott’s Anchor & Den has launched a new gin menu. The popular restaurant and lounge now boasts the largest selection of gin on the island. With 23 unique and classic gins on the menu, they are served the Spanish way, in a balloon glass with the perfect accompaniment and a premium tonic. Whether it is a slice, garnish, herb or spice to join your gin, or the elderflower or Mediterranean tonic, a gin and tonic can be harder to navigate than once thought. Thankfully, the new gin bible will be on hand to help.

9. Sunblock

With hotter weather on the horizon, Goddess Garden organic sunscreen has just hit shelves at Kirk Market. These days, it is just as important to consider the effects to the environment as it is your skin. Free from hormone disruptors and harsh chemicals, this sunscreen is safe, gentle and effective, protecting your epidermis and the planet. Made with plant-based ingredients and natural minerals, this everyday sunscreen provides powerful broad-spectrum sun protection. With sheer, non-greasy application, it is certified organic, reef safe, and biodegradable. Everyone’s a winner!

10. Häagen Dazs

The ice cream giants have opened a new store in the Flagship Building in George Town. This is their second store in Grand Cayman, where they will be offering the deliciously velvety ice cream you know and love, not to mention pastries, desserts and coffee. With all the classics on display, this is the perfect pit stop on a hot day in in town. Share one of the elaborate ice cream sundaes with all the toppings you desire or a waffle cone for those of us who aren’t the sharing type. Either way, there’s always room for more.