SAS Survival Guide

If you’re planning to hole up in a Mandarin Oriental or The Ritz-Carlton, odds are good that you probably won’t need the SAS Survival Guide app. However, for any other vacation that ranges from roughing it to planning for the zombie apocalypse, this app could make the difference between life and death. Written by former SAS soldier and instructor, John “Lofty” Wiseman, the SAS Survival Guide is worth downloading for its curiosity factor, if nothing else. Morse code, poisonous plants, extreme climate survival and advice on how to use tools so you don’t accidentally hack off an extremity – they’re all here, and more!

This app has won awards and legions of fans everywhere. You know you want it.



The name of the app says it all. When in a strange land and you wish to know what’s around you, this app is the tool you need. It covers all the usual stuff, like nearby restaurants, coffee shops and bars, but also vitally important services like gas, hotels and toilets. There’s nothing worse than having an urgent need for something and not having the first clue of where to look for it. For every listing you can choose to see its location on a map, view the route from where you are, and add the information to your contact list. It’s available in many different languages and is also available for the Apple iWatch.



Traveling with kids? God bless you. Now, how do you keep them entertained before you lose yer ever-lovin’ mind? The Yuggler app comes to the rescue with a whole heap of kids’ activities in your area or in your travel destination to make sure the little ones are occupied. You can research “best of” lists along with the most popular places to go, thanks to first-hand experiences recorded by other parents. You can organize your itinerary, mark your favorites and follow trending activities. The Yuggler app can even help you save money – hallelujah! We reckon that once you start using this app, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Free with in-app purchases

Prey Anti Theft

No one wants to talk about it, lest it bring down the mood, but the fact is that when you’re on vacation, there is a chance that you could be robbed. One of the most popular items for opportunistic thieves to grab is a mobile device. The Prey Anti Theft app gives you control of your iPhone or iPad, should either be pilfered, and increases your chances of retrieving it. You can find them on a map through geolocation using both GPS and WiFi triangulation, take pictures using the built-in front and back camera, trigger a loud alarm even if the device is on silent and display a tailored alert message on the screen.

Free with in-app purchases