August may be officially considered one of the quieter months of the year when it comes to specific events, but there is still plenty to do when the sun goes down.

Contrary to popular belief, all businesses don’t shutter themselves over the summer – most remain open and offer entertainment, drink and food specials to woo the residents and tourists on the island. In fact, this is an ideal time to reacquaint yourself with the many venues along Seven Mile Beach and beyond.

We’ve consolidated information on important subjects, such as where to find the best live music on the island and bars and clubs to frequent if DJs are more your style.

Is there a frustrated performer inside you just waiting to burst out? Check out the jam nights and weekly karaoke pop-ups where amateurs and professionals are encouraged to strut their stuff on stage. Getting the inside scoop on happy hours from West Bay to East End will also help you build up your Dutch courage without breaking the bank.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so attending a live stand-up comedy show could be just the thing to wash away those blues. Read all about it in this special feature.

Finally, although we at What’s Hot encourage you to get out and have some fun, we also want you to be smart when doing it. Check out our suggestions on modes of transport to choose when you’re planning to drink, and don’t miss the “Dos and Don’ts” piece containing sage advice from those of us who have travelled the nightlife path.