Cimboco has been around for a good long time, which means it must be doing something right. Located in the Marquee Plaza just off the Seven Mile Strip, it’s hard to miss this perpetual favorite of residents and tourists. It is a familiar landmark, drawing lovers of comfort food to its doors daily.

The interior of the restaurant is as colorful and interesting as the exterior. With historical images of the islands gracing the walls and a mosaic tiled brick oven, Cimboco is pleasing to the eye and the tummy.

Its name is an interesting one and is also a nod to history. The Cimboco was the first locally built, motorized sailing ship in Cayman. For 20 years, she was Cayman’s connection to the world, introducing regular travel, shipping, and parcel post, and providing the first reliable supply of staple and exotic foods, such as flour, sugar, fruit and even ice.

It should come as no surprise that with the restaurant so tied to the traditions of Cayman, it endeavors to serve locally-inspired items. On any day of the week, you can order a Caybrew, Caybrew Premium Light or Ironshore Bock off the menu to accompany your meal. What’s cooking? Many delicious dishes, including the mouthwatering, rib-sticking Rustic Burger with applewood smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, onion and homemade barbecue sauce on a freshly baked bun. You can just taste it, can’t you? It washes down beautifully with an icy cold Cayman Islands Brewery beer.

Like other environmentally-conscious businesses on the island, Cimboco is all about keeping Cayman pristine for future generations to enjoy, which is why it participates in the brewery’s reuse and recycle program. It collects its used Caybrew bottles and crates them to be picked up, thoroughly steam cleaned and reused. This keeps the bottles off the landfill and allows the restaurant to contribute to the island’s “green” movement.

What more incentive do you need to patronize Cimboco? They serve local beer and man … that burger!