One of the most important things to consider when planning a night out is not necessarily the perfect outfit, best lipstick and jewelry to wear – it’s how you’re going to get from A to B if you’re planning to indulge in alcohol.

A special evening might require fancy transport, such as a limousine, whereas a bar-hopping night could just warrant a taxi ride from home and back again.

Then you have your time when you weren’t planning to stay out – the night simply evolved in an unexpected way – and now you’re over the limit to drive home. What to do?

Here are some suggestions to keep you from driving when you’ve been drinking so everyone can have a good time and be safe.


Usually the first choice of alternative transport for tourists and residents, there are many taxi companies on the island that run day and night. ACE Taxi, for example, is an easy one to remember. Just dial all the 7s (777-7777) and one will be dispatched to your location.

If you’re not familiar with the available options, you can either take your chances flagging a taxi down on the main road, or get one of the friendly bar/restaurant staff members to call one on your behalf. Note that taxis don’t have meters – there are set prices for most journeys, so ask the driver in advance.


Splurging on a snazzy ride for a special event can really be the icing on the cake. We defy you to feel anything but important as you alight your shiny limousine at one of Cayman’s popular resorts or clubs.

Splitting the cost between a number of friends can actually make this a pretty affordable way to get around – ask about hourly rates rather than just single journey prices in case it’s within your budget to have a limo at your beck and call all night. Consider Cayman VIP Transport company or Grand Limousine Services. Both have websites with prices and a description of their fleet.

For a much larger group, maybe look at Majestic Tours or one of the other bus companies. Just always be very upfront about the type of night you’re planning, as not all the companies will agree to transporting a hen or stag group from bar to bar.


Just like it’s wonderful to sleep in your own bed, there’s also no better feeling than having your own car in the morning after a big night out. Taking a taxi home from an unexpectedly long soirée definitely eliminates the drinking-and-driving issue, but then you have to somehow get back to your car the next day. HomeSafe is an ingenious service that costs about the same as a taxi and gets you home in your own vehicle. The driver comes to your location on a wee scooter that folds up and goes into your trunk. He or she then drives you home in your car, and disappears into the night on the same scooter.