If you’re one of those travelers who has real commitment issues, the Hopper app could be the one for you. There’s always that worry that maybe you’ve paid too much for a ticket and that prices will go down, so you wait while prices go up and then you berate yourself for not catching the lower fare when you had the chance. With Hopper, you key in your flight details and it will tell you whether to buy now or wait, based on data including literally trillions of historic fares.

What’s more, it’ll even ping you notifications if the price suddenly drops and it becomes opportune to book – saving you the hassle of searching for the best deal.




Not everyone is looking for five-star hotels, particularly when their budget is a tight one. A firm favorite of backpackers the world over, Hostelworld puts thousands of budget hostels in the palm of your hand. Customer reviews take the guesswork out of booking, while instant confirmation and always-available customer service should give you peace of mind while you’re on the road.

What’s more, with 170 countries covered, Hostelworld will have you covered wherever you head – and will often offer up hostels not available to book elsewhere. Despite the Eli Roth films, you’ll find that many hostels in countries like Australia are clean and comfortable. You should leave with your fingers and toes intact.




Relatively new on the scene, Turo is a car-rental app that gives you the run of local owners’ vehicles when they don’t need them. Currently operating in the U.S., Canada and U.K., Turo serves up a selection of cars available locally – from hatchbacks to supercars. Because you rent directly from owners it tends to be cheaper than a traditional vehicle hire, and you can get the car delivered nearby, too. Like any other car hire service, you’ll have additional fees and the option to add insurance, so check out the grand total before you commit. That being said, you should still get a good deal here, particularly in popular cities in busy periods.




Not everyone has the gift of math at their fingertips, or the accompanying knowledge to work out the confusing world of time zones. Yes, it is possible to add multiple time zones to the default clock apps on both iOS and Android devices, but the Circa app makes it a look a lot prettier. It displays time periods around a circle, illustrating the points at which the various slots overlap – and you’ll all be awake. Input your waking hours and you’ll have an easy way to work out when you can Skype the family from afar. No more jolting people from their slumber at 3 a.m. when you could have sworn it was 3 p.m. in Sydney.