It is the eternal question, is it not? Men have been trying to figure it out for centuries. They think they know some of the answers, but the fairer sex loves to keep them guessing.

The women of the Cayman Islands work hard and play hard. They are accountants, bankers, lawyers, teachers, artists, designers, real estate agents, publishers, hospitality workers … the list goes on and on. When they finish the working week, they want to let their hair down, socialize, relax and catch up with friends and family. This means knowing the places and activities that cater to their needs, like popular hotspots or entertaining experiences.

Something else that women want, (although it is certainly not unique to the ladies), is being able to buy their favorite products and services on the island, rather than having to travel overseas to find them. We’ve done our research and in this special feature, you’ll learn about spa treatments you may not have known existed. We also look at makeup products and revolutionary inventions ranging from serums to make your skin smoother and firmer to magic that gives you the eyelashes you’ve always dreamed of.

Thanks to the melting pot of talents and cultures in Cayman, the spas and salons are completely in step with what’s available internationally. Not just that, but you’ll probably get an appointment a lot faster here than you will elsewhere.

It isn’t all about how women look, however. Sometimes a bit of retail therapy or time spent with the girls is the perfect way to recharge the batteries. We’ve got some terrific ideas for you that don’t just revolve around alcohol. Maybe take to the water or explore your inner Picasso. Spread your wings and see what’s out there.

What do women want? What’s Hot!, of course!